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Moving Advice

On the day of settlement after the furniture has been removed, ensure that the property has been cleaned in a professional manner. Cleaning the house you are moving out of normally takes longer than you plan and you are often wishing you weren’t doing it! So although it will cost money, get a quote from a professional cleaner. That saves you time and allows you to start unpacking in your new home a lot earlier!

We will contact the local council, Revenue SA and SA Water on your behalf, however don’t forget to arrange the following...

  • Arrange with Agent regarding the time to handover keys
  • Contact Origin Energy (Gas Co.) – Phone 13 24 61
  • Contact SA Power Networks – Phone 13 12 61
  • Contact Telstra – Phone 13 22 00
  • Contact Optus – Phone 1300 300 937
  • Advise the Electoral Office – collect from Post Office
  • Advise the Post Office to re-direct your mail
  • Advise your Bank and Credit Card Offices
  • Advise your Health Fund
  • Advise Schools
  • Advise your Insurance Company – Building and Contents Insurance
  • Advise your Life Assurance Office
  • Advise your Motor Registrar – Licence and Registration – Phone 13 1084
  • Advise Monthly Subscriptions
  • Advise Sporting and Social Clubs etc.
  • Stop/Order Newspapers
  • Stop/Order Milk
  • Stop/Arrange Lawn mowing Service
  • Stop/Arrange Pool Service
  • Advise all your friends of your new address and about the excellent service you have received from Duncan Sande & Associates